Liam Michael Hooper

I am, like all of us, many things — a woven self in the ever-threading, ever-weaving loom to which we all are connected. I am a trans man, a gender theorist, a theological activist, a trans advocate, justice-worker, spouse, parent, sibling, woodworker, would-be writer, farm-worker, and art-maker, among other things; all this and more, some facets still undiscovered (I hope).
I am concerned about what seem to me to be the big questions — things like: what it means to be a person, a human being; in what ways we might make the most of our lives, learn to thrive, and work together for a common good; the mysterious and magical workings of nature; how it is that we seem to be fully persons and simultaneously, always becoming; what the forces are that help us flourish; what goes awry to cause fears and insecurities to turn human beings against other human beings; are there solutions to the increasing cascade of human-born maladies afflicting our interdependent human condition? I am concerned about power, injustice, and oppression.
Yet, I am equally entranced by the world around me: the way that black-capped chickadees hang upside-down from tree branches when they eat; the way tree leaves turn outward, revealing their underside, just before a rain comes. I am also concerned with paying attention to the many ways that the indomitable human spirit prevails — the acts of kindness, concern, solidarity, and love; these expressions of beauty and sheer aliveness, within and among persons, catch my attention.

This blog is, really, simply part of a larger set of concerns and efforts: my engagement in social justice work, trans activism and education, queer activism/advocacy, anti-racism work, interfaith and reconciliation work — are these things, interconnected in a concern for human flourishing and freedom to do so. It is my hope people find some level of identification, solidarity, and perhaps, inspiration here. If not, I at least will continue to find, here, a place to think, reflect, meditate, and share. If you are reading here, I am grateful. Thank you for sharing the journey.

I am available for speaking engagements, lectures, media interviews, conferences, or Trans education/awareness training for churches (in particular), universities, and professional organizations. Email me at lihooper91 at gmail dot com.


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