Liam Michael Hooper

When I began this blog, I made the following comments about myself:
“I am a transman. A new man. I am fully aware that the man I am is not the same kind of man as other men. That is fine with me. In fact, I think there is both power and liberation in being this kind of man. I am a transsexual man–a self-chosen man, the man I am called to be, a different kind of man.”
In many ways, this is more true all the time. I am not interested in presenting myself as a person born with a physiology that resulted in a male gender assignment. This thing we codify as “gender” in our culture continues to both fascinate and consternate me. More, I am increasingly curious about and interested in asking questions about what it is to be a human being, sitting with the questions, and reflecting on and learning from where the questions lead. The questions of what it is to be a person have, really, been the at the center of my life and work, in one way or another since I was young. And, for me, being willing to enter the questions–mining them for truths about the world, others, and being a self–helps me live closer to the forms of transparency and vulnerability that I believe are essential to authentic personhood, justice work, and general cohabitation in the world we share. 

I am, like all of us, many things–a woven self in the ever-threading, ever-weaving loom to which we all are connected. I am an activist, advocate, justice-worker, minister, spouse, parent, sibling, woodworker, would-be writer, farm-worker, and art-maker, among other things. I am concerned with keeping my eyes on the intersections that lead deeper into the margins. It is at the intersections, where the back roads, highways and byways meet, that we find–I think–our most meaningful work and most profound connectivity. I believe firmly that we all have essential roles to play in the ongoing work toward liberation of all people in Creator’s vast and diverse continuum of persons. It takes all of us. All of us matter.  I am concerned about systemic and institutionalized white supremacy and racism, classism, sexism and genderism, capitalism and economic exploitation, as well as the other systems and processes supportive of and employed by an oligarchy marching with increasing arrogance and self-righteousness toward the propagation of empire. I am also concerned with paying attention to the many ways that the indomitable human spirit prevails–the acts of kindness, concern, solidarity, and love, the expressions of beauty and sheer aliveness catch my attention.

This blog is really, simply part of a larger set of concerns and efforts: my engagement in social justice work, trans activism and education, queer activism/advocacy, anti-racism work, interfaith and reconciliation work, are all interconnected in a concern for human flourishing and freedom to do so. It is my hope people find some level of identification, solidarity, and perhaps, inspiration here. If not, I am at least able to continue to hold myself accountable for being about what I say I’m about and being who I say I am invested in being. If you are reading here, I am grateful. Thank you for sharing the journey.

I am available for speaking engagements, lectures, media interviews, conferences, or Trans education/awareness training for churches (in particular), universities, and professional organizations. Email me at lihooper91 at gmail dot com.


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